Programs & Lessons


Beginner Lessons are available daily from June through October from 8 to 9:30 am. Land rowing simulator

We start learning the stroke on land in a rowing simulator, then in a boat designed for rowing in open water in the ocean, so they are very stable.

Students may progress to more advanced rowing shells during the lesson progression.

The coach follows the rower in a special wakeless launch while on the water.

A seCoaching launchries of 4 lessons are offered. After the student has completed the lessons a club membership is available at a discounted rate. (The total of 4 lessons and membership is equivalent in cost to the regular annual membership.) Please check the Rules under membership. A student may take 1 lesson “to try it out” or as a refresher.

Group lessons max 4 people per session.


Lessons are available for youth starting at about 13 and up through senior citizens. We have had members in their 80ies.  “13 or 93; you’re always the right age to row,” said Susan Smith, membership director at USRowing”

What do I wear?

It’s usually cool in the mornings. Wear clothing appropriate for biking or cross country skiing. Snug-fitting clothing, tights, quick dry top, maybe a windbreaker. Oars sometimes get caught in sweatshirts with big pockets. Long, loose tops may get caught in tracks. A change of clothes to be safe. Phone in a waterproof case if you want to take pictures. Bring a water bottle. PFD: You will be provided with a belt-type personal floatation device.

Adaptive Rowing Program

We have an adaptive rowing program. An individual with special needs will row in a double rowing shell with an experienced rower. We have 2 rowing shells with specially designed seats. Contact us to schedule.

2020 Lesson Application(download)

You may bring this with you the day of your lesson. We will take cc, check or cash. Email to schedule lessons and coaching.


Clinics will be available during the season for intermediate and advanced rowers. Refresher lessons are also available. Contact us for information on upcoming clinics and Junior Camps.