Welcome to the Frisco Rowing Center at Lake Dillon

Founded in 2009

Join us at the Frisco Rowing Center located at Frisco Bay Marina, Frisco, Colorado.   Row surrounded by majestic mountain peaks high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Lake Dillon, at 9,017 feet altitude, spans 3,300 acres, and offers 25 miles of shoreline. From the Rowing Center you can see the summits of the 14 thousand footers, Grays and Torres, which are the landmark peaks depicted in the rowing center’s logo.  Scenic vistas and glass calm waters beckon rowers to this spectacular alpine paradise.

We enjoy the tranquility of early morning rowing from 6 to 10 am.

Water skiing or jet skiing are not allowed on Lake Dillon.

Our members enjoy a variety of rowing shells, and we offer lessons to prospective rowers.

Please download and read the Covid rules carefully. We are hoping to row through October. The water levels should hold at the current levels. 

We are not having Rowfest this year. There is a major fire in Williams Fork.

In the Time of Covid