Club Membership

Experienced Rowers and Private Boat Owners

If you are a Private Boat Owner looking to rent a rack and become a member with Frisco Rowing Center. Please email our Boat Captain Tim at:

Experienced Rowers that would like to become members and need to use Club Boats and Equipment.  Please follow the directions below and have your coach or club email us.

If you would like to join Frisco Rowing Center as a new experienced member we need the following documents to consider your membership.

1) A letter from your Rowing Club or Coach that states the level and years of experience.

2) What boats you are qualified to row in.

3) Documentation from your club or coach that you are capable of getting back in the boat if it flips. We row on a very cold body of water and our club needs to know that you can self rescue.

4) When was the last time you rowed?

The letter from your Club or Coach can be sent to: 

Once we have the above mentioned information, we can consider your membership. However, we need to see how many of our current members are returning before we can extend an offer to you. Then, we will send you the membership paperwork.

Once you become a member we require you attend our Safety Session prior to rowing. Date to be determined

* Also please note, Life Jackets are the responsibility of each individual member.