We welcome visitors to join us at our most spectacular venue #friscorowing

If you are an experienced rower, a member of another rowing club, or a collegiate, or former collegiate rower and are in Summit County for a day or an extended stay, we offer a 1 day membership, or a 4 day punch pass. 2019 Membership FRC

Before your first row, you must schedule a meeting with our boat captain or member of the board for a “captain’s test” which involves familiarizing yourself with the shells and oars available, and our traffic pattern.  Please familiarize yourself with the Rules of the Center,

Contact us at or phone 970-409-8435, text 970-485-3649. We can arrange for you to row a 1x or a team boat, (2x, 4x, 4-).

If you have never rowed before or are a new rower we offer lessons.

2019 Lesson Application

Hours of operation: We are open from 6 to 10 am 7 days a week. Rowing sessions are scheduled when the lake is calm and there is little boat traffic, from 6 to 7:30 am and from 8 to 9:30 am. .

Come row and vacation in beautiful Summit County.

Summers are spectacular! The wild mountain flowers bloom in a profusion of color under amazing blue skies. No heat, humidity, and very few biting insects make hiking, biking, and cultural activities all the more enjoyable. The Rowing Center is located in the Town of Frisco  with many fine restaurants and accommodations. Camping around Lake Dillon is also available. The marina, where we are located, also rents out a variety of paddle craft as well as sailboats, fishing and cruising boats.

Nine miles down the road is the historic mountain  town of Breckenridge, the home of Breckenridge ski resort, with a myriad of summer activities, and a fun park. Breckenridge hosts 2 full orchestras and was voted the no 1 Arts Vibrancy small town in America..