Safety & Equipment

Last Updated: 6/29/2021
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Safety & Equipment

  1. We recommend watching the USRowing safety video,
  2. We recommend checking the weather prior to rowing with Windfinder,
  3. “Getting back in boat” on YouTube (Calm Waters version)
    Straddle or hang on to boat and kick or paddle to shore; inflate PFD if needed
  4. State Law requires all boaters to have a Whistle and PFD; we recommend you wear it or secure it to the boat; if PFD is inflated open and hang to dry in the shed and refold when dry. FRC highly recommends members purchase their own PFD’s.
  5. Row in pairs in cold weather/early & late season
  6. Bad weather: row along shore and return to dock; if against traffic pattern watch for other rowers
  7. Marina emergency line: 970-418-0911
  8. IN AN EMERGENCY CALL 911 – state your emergency and location (be familiar with landmarks and safe places to go ashore). Inform FRC Board once you’re safely ashore
  9. Our Traffic pattern is posted, at the podium, under the tent and on the shed. Know it! Follow it!
  10. We suggest high-visibility clothing plus an extra set of clothes in your car in case you get wet
  11. Suggest using a mirror that attaches to your hat
  12. First aid kit is in podium
  13. AED located inside Marina office by exit door


  1. Recognize club boats and oars
  2. Note where you got your boat and return it to the proper place being careful not to collide with other boats in the rack, especially the riggers
  3. Place boat in slings to check boat before rowing: foot stretchers, riggers, tracks tight, bow ball securely in place
  4. Clean boat using water or cleaner if necessary- inside as well as outside and wipe down tracks
  5. Oars cleaned before stowing
  6. Tie down boats properly
  7. If you take something out, put it back
  8. Put away slings on back side of boat racks unless agreed to share
  9. Incident reports in back of login book: Know how to fill it out for: when you flip, an altercation with another boat or boater, paddleboarder etc

Boat Handling

  1. Place in/remove from water gently being careful not to scrape dock
  2. Know where to step into boat and enter gently
  3. Be aware of metal pins on side of dock, they scratch the boats
  4. Make room for 2 boats on each side of the dock; launching has priority over docking
  5. Launch from the far end, dock closest to shore
  6. Minimize time on dock being considerate to others
  7. Recommend carrying (clean) shoes just in case you have to go ashore
  8. Personnel items to be left under ramp, not on main dock area
  9. Carry boats with partner as necessary; being careful with fin/skeg
  10. Last in: Check that boats are tied down properly, all slings are stowed, oars secured with bungie, logbook in podium and the shed is locked